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Two launches in a Month!

Two launches at Friends of Amateur Rocketry this month, both flights over 25,000′. See reports here and here.

Cast finocyl grain.Liftoff!




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More Testing



A couple screen grabs during ignition from a test earlier this year. Another load in the 76-7600N-s hardware set that cranked out 8760N-s.





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FAR January 2016

I had planned to launch a 4″ rocket on a 3″ motor with 34″ of propellant, however the clouds were hovering around 18,000′ (well below the expected altitude) so I opted to static fire the motor hooked up to my data acquisition system. Motor burned well but longer than expected due to the phenolic nozzle throat eroding another .080″ during the burn. Max Pc was 730 psi and assuming Cf= 1.4 the total impulse was roughly 7,500 N-s. A graphite insert should keep the Pc up and boost the total impulse closer to 8,000N-s.

Static Burn

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Balls 19

October 5th, 2010 Balls 19 pictures added.

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FAR August

Pictures from the FAR event added.

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