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Frankenstager Found

The weekend after the launch I was able to head back and search for both the booster and sustainer. Prior to searching I spent quite a bit of time running simulations and scouring google earth to figure out where the best search areas would be. For both sections I had best guess locations based on heading, expected altitude and wind speed. I left LA real early and made it to the FAR property by 8am, and by 9:30am I had found the sustainer over 5 miles from the launch pad. Then 40 minutes later after approaching my first best guess location for the booster I found it in good condition minus a broken tube coupler. I hope to have a video soon.



More Pictures from Balls 21

Here are some more pictures of Incredulous flying at Balls to 52,927′.

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Launch Blown Out

So the last launch attempt never materialized. We woke up early and the surface winds were a pretty solid 20mph, not ideal for an attempt to 46,000′. We packed up and started to head out when my fuel pump died a mile down the (dirt) road. We had to get towed back to Mojave, total bummer. At this point I may wait to launch at Balls in September, however it’s possible next month I’ll try again depending on work and life.


Thanksgiving Weekend

Here are a few pictures from this past weekend at my parents house. After reading some threads on the forums I was wanting to mix a few pourables to see how they would turn out. I nailed down a couple formulations that I really like and static tested one of them in my Kosdon 38-640N-s case shown below.

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