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Data Acquisition

I finally got around to assembling a data acquisition system to measure chamber pressure inside my rocket motors, full details here.



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Black Rock Project 2013

Currently in the process of a class 3 wavier application for a Black Rock flight this year, more details to follow.





In the past couple weeks I was able to find some spare parts in my garage to build an interstage coupler for a two-stage build. I was originally planning on building a P to N motor two-stage but figured I should probably slow down and take smaller steps. The first build will primarily be to become familiar with my design and equipment as well as using head end ignition. I’ll have more later but for now here’s the booster section from “Unoriginal” and the fincan from “Shovel Ready”. I’m actually trying to keep this flight fairly low in altitude as it’s more of a test build than an altitude attempt.


Competitor 3

I just started building my modified Performance Rocketry Competitor 3, page is here.

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KestreL Underway

Construction of the fiberglass 54mm minimum diameter kit from 3 Dogs Rocketry is underway, check it out.

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