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Carbon Fiber Fins

I wanted to take a stab at making some carbon fiber fins from scratch, and here are the initial results. I used 10 layers of  5.9oz  plain weave carbon fiber with Cotronics 4461, which is supposedly stable up to 500 degrees after a post cure for 4 hours at 250 degrees F. The laminate was sandwiched between two granite slabs first covered with mylar, then vacuumed bagged and cured in the oven. That stack came out to 90 mils with a tolerance of roughly +-10.

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Launch Blown Out

So the last launch attempt never materialized. We woke up early and the surface winds were a pretty solid 20mph, not ideal for an attempt to 46,000′. We packed up and started to head out when my fuel pump died a mile down the (dirt) road. We had to get towed back to Mojave, total bummer. At this point I may wait to launch at Balls in September, however it’s possible next month I’ll try again depending on work and life.