FAR April 2012

Saturday was a very warm and calm day, perfect for a high altitude attempt. I loaded up my 4” minimum diameter rocket Incredulous with a 98mm 16.2kN-s N2600 hoping to reach 40k feet. I prepped the altimeter and two big red bees (GPS and RF beacon) in the nosecone, and struggled to get the 84” chute, line cutter, and recovery harness in the 8” section of available space. I finally packed everything up and loaded it into the tower with great anticipation. The motor lit and the rocket left the tower quickly and straight, max Q came and went with the fins still attached. I recovered the rocket 2.5 miles away intact to find the carbon layup over the fins nearly gone (time to use a different epoxy system). It’s hard to complain when you get everything back, and on top of that, break your personal altitude record. Incredulous reached 42,305 feet, or just a tad over 8 miles!