FAR August 2012

This weekend was very warm with little to no wind. I decided to wait and fly Incredulous at Balls to have the best chances of recovery. I loaded Unoriginal with a high solids 6000 load and the Test Rocket with a 1050 load made from left over propellant batches.

Unoriginal flew with one of the new Big Red Bee GPS units using the U-blox chipset. The unit worked perfectly regaining lock during ascent while reaching an apogee of 13,200′. The main came out at apogee and the rocket drifted 2.5 miles to the north west, just beyond a “house” surrounded by trees. As I was about to leave the site in my truck, I was informed that over the past year several people have been shot at by a man living in this area close to the FAR and RRS sites. Wonderful. To recover the rocket I came up with a plan that would keep me from driving close to the house. Unfortunately it required me to drive all the way back to the highway and follow another road that took me about a mile away from where the rocket landed. I hesitantly went out on foot in the 100 degree heat with the unsettling thought of being sniper’ed out in the open desert by a crazy meth cooker with a deer rifle. I felt I was far enough away that any risk was low, but needless to say I made the trek quick and stealthy. My Yaesu VX-8GR led me right to the rocket and back to my truck with no shots fired.

The second flight of  Test Rocket was far less eventful, but recovered under chute close to the launch site. You better believe I angled the rail far away from the north west this time.

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