FAR March 2013

For this trip out to FAR I had planned on flying my newly built Broken Arrow kit from Rocketry Warehouse. It’s another 4″ fiberglass kit with a 76mm motor mount that I probably didn’t need but I picked up for cheap during their Black Friday sale. This sport rocket comes with a split fin design that requires some nose weight for positive stability on my motor of choice, the 76-6000. The relatively heavy rocket begged for a nice fast blue load to loft it over 15k feet. My old blue propellant formula was going to be pushing the limits on the case so I decided to test it at a similar chamber pressure on a smaller 54-1700 case for some warm fuzzies. The warm fuzzies never came, instead I had a burn through on the test stand. I decided to scrub the launch so that I could replace the spiral phenolic liner with a LE phenolic liner from Loki Research.


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