FAR April 2013

This particular weekend at FAR was one of the busiest in memory. There were a couple liquid bi-prop projects that demanded lots of attention and prepping, however I was able to sneak in a flight of my 3″ minimum diameter rocket on a research 76-6000N-s moonburner. After preparing an igniter with some scrap blue propellant I set up my tower launcher and powered up my Big Red Bee 70cm GPS transimtter. Once Matt Mundy helped clear the range he pushed the button which quickly lit the motor with a 19G liftoff. The thrust profile quickly leveled off and the rocket wiggled a little on the way up due to the non-axisymmetric mass distribution of the moonburner grain geometry…or so that’s the widely accepted theory for this common behavior in minimum diameter moonburning rockets. After the 10.5 second burn the rocket coasted to 29,000′ and recovered perfectly with my Raven altimeter and homemade line cutter.  Even with the dual deployment recovery I had a nice 4 mile round-trip walk through the hot desert.

I loaded everything up and spent some time relaxing and chatting with Bryce and Jared while the Garvey team finished prepping their bi-prop for flight. The flight was loud and short, recovery was almost perfect. I snapped some good shots but was asked to not post them publicly.


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