FAR February 2015

In 2014 I launched zero rockets since I had been distracted with my other hobby, spearfishing, so to end the year long slump I headed out to the dessert with my Rocketry Warehouse Broken Arrow kit. Since I had been flying so many rockets in the past using motors loaded with high aluminum content propellant yielding slow burn rates I opted for a faster and cleaner burning “blue” propellant.

The weather was a little cloudy but clear over the launch site, and as I prepped a stiff breeze began to pick up. After activating the wavier and arming the altimeter I inserted the KClO4/Si igniter into the motor and retreated to the bunker area. The button was pushed and the 76/6000 motor burned nice and loud, accelerating the rocket over 20g’s and coasted to 15,000 feet. Even with a perfect dual deploy recovery the GPS pointed me 2 miles to the east.

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