FAR February 2016

I love the early morning drive out to the FAR site watching the sun rise over the mountains. It was a gorgeous winter morning with low temperatures but otherwise perfect flying conditions with blue sky’s and zero wind. I had already prepped a newly built 4″ rocket that will eventually be the booster of a two-stager, but for its maiden voyage it would be launched in a single stage configuration on a 76-7600 N-sec vacuum-mixed motor.

After getting the rocket on the pad and arming all the electronics (Raven altimeter, Perfect Flight Mini-timer, BRB 100mw GPS, HD camera) the switch was flipped and the rocket boosted arrow straight as if guided by a wire until all the fuel was spent. GPS lock was quickly reacquired and it was clear the rocket was descending drogue-less as planned with a velocity of 30mph. Right on cue the cable cutter popped within earshot and the bright pink chute was seen lowering the rocket down a half a mile away.

4X4 Avionics  4x4 GPS Recovered

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