SpringFest 2010

Springfest was a lot of fun, it was my first time with the Tripoli Vegas crew and they ran a great launch. I was able to launch 3 rockets:

38x on an Aerotech G80 to 2500′ with blacksky altacc 2c for recovery. Rocket came back ready for more, will soon fly on I357.

Laser LOC 3.1 on an Aerotech K185 to 7,600′ via altacc.  Flight was nice and straight, and the initial thrust of the K185 was more than enough to get the 10lb rocket zooming off the pad.  An event occured at apogee and the drougue was out. As it dropped to around 1,000′ I anxiously awaited for the main to pop. Nothing. Minor damage to the top of the booster section and the payload airframe was done for. Upon inspection my ematch failed to pop. In order to see if the match failed or my electronics, I put the leads across a fresh battery, nothing, it was the first time I had an ematch fail on me! At leats it wasn’t the drougue match that failed. Anyway, repairs were simple, cut 3″ off the top of the booster and switched out the payload bay airframe. The electronics bay was fine so i resused it, she is ready to fly again.

Unoriginal on a homemade 75mm 3 grain fuchsia L to 9,600′ using my new Featherweight Raven altimeter. The boost was perfectly straight with no rotation and quickly disappeared into the sky without tracking smoke. After what seemed like forever, I saw a small green speck and knew that the drogue was out. Then around 6,000′ feet the main was out from a spinning decent. My girlfriend and I jumped in her car and started racing down the lake bed with our heads out the window Ace Ventura style. Rocket was retrieved about a mile away ready to go again!

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